Looking to add something extra to your look with temporary tattoos? I recently got to try out some VooDooTattoos which came in the traditional black but also gold and silver varieties which I had never seen before.  They go on just like any other temporary tattoo – hold the water on it for 15 seconds and you’re good to go.  I found the gold bracelet a bit harder to get on my arm – may have been because it was a bracelet and a little bit because of the gold.  I found that the gold tattoo wore off much quicker than the black – you can see the photo from when I put it on and then at the end of that day.  I’d recommend to put this on just before going out or going to the event you want to wear it to so that it will be looking it’s best! The black feather tattoo lasted a bit longer.

When you are ready to remove the tattoos you can take them off using alcohol or baby oil.

Shine like a goddess in seconds with the Voodoo Tattoo Goddess Set. FAST – You’re sparkling in under 5 minutes. EASY = simple to apply and maintain. BEAUTIFUL – Turn heads and shine like a Midas Maiden.

Available on Amazon for $9.99. I reviewed the Iris set but there are several other sets available – Aphrodite, Athena, Iris, Petra, Total Goddess and Venus.

I received a free product in exchange for my honest opinion in this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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