Product Review: Curl Keeper


curlkeeperRecently my friend told me about a product that she loves called Curl Keeper. It is supposed to help you take control of frizzy hair, which is definitely something that I have a problem with! I decided I’d buy it and try it since it got such rave reviews from my friend.  Of course, it’s winter so humidity is not at it’s worst and that will be the real test – but from what I tried in the winter I am thinking that I might be in better control of my hair this summer.

After your shower, comb curl kepper through your hair from roots to ends for an even application. If your hair is very frizzy, use additional product. The less movement that occurs during the first 15 minutes, the more control you will have over the frizz. Once your hair dries, you can easily soften your look by moving your hair around. The more you play, the more volume you will achieve.

I didn’t do too much styling with my hair and just wanted to see what my natural curls would end up looking like.  I do need to work on my application to get it more even because it was clumpy in some spots – but I think with practice I’ll finally have some control over my frizz!

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