Sunday night I went to see Pentatonix at the Oakdale.  I had been in PA all day and thought that doors were at 7 – I got to my house just before 6 only to realize doors were at 6.  I hardly EVER show up at a show after doors so the amount of traffic getting to the parking lot was nerve wracking.  I was stuck at several of the lights watching them turn red, green, red, over and over with nowhere to go because there were just so many people heading to the sold out show.  Turns out the parking attendants couldn’t handle it either. There were 3 lanes of cars, 2 attendants, and the two cars in front of me merged in to the right.  Since I had no idea what else I should be doing other than following the cars in front of me, I went to merge too and the guy flipped out on my to “stay in my lane”.  Well, the lane seemed to disappear and I knew handicapped parking was to the right… but whatever.  Then I got in to the handicapped area only to find all the “real” handicapped spots were taken and they were just filling in the rest of the lot.  I parked and then the woman next to me parked too close and rammed her car door into mine.  She said sorry twice but I was already SO mad because I was yelled at I didn’t acknowledge her.  PLUS I didn’t want to say “no problem!” if there was a huge dent in my door or something (doesn’t look like there is, lucky for her!)

I got in to the venue with about 10 minutes to spare before the 7pm start time – only to find when I got to the ticket scanner I had to go to the box office because they were filming the show for a Yahoo Live Stream and my ticket happened to either be where the camera was, or in such a spot that it would be in my way or I’d be in its way.  I am SUPER picky about tickets and wouldn’t have even gone to this show had I not had a center ticket, and got moved to a section over, 3rd seat in from the far aisle – but ONE row closer than I was in the other section. (On the plus side, they left the stage and walked around through the crowd and went up right past the aisle I was sitting by!)

Needless to say, I was just not feeling it by the time Pentatonix took the stage at 7:12pm.  They do put on a great show and what they can do with only their voices and no instruments whatsoever (although there was a cello at one point) is incredibly impressive.  I just wish I was in a better mood. (They are opening up for Kelly Clarkson this summer and I have tickets so hopefully I’ll be more into their set then!)

They did a few medleys  – the one I found to be the most fun was “The Evolution of Music” where they start with Gregorian chants and make their way through the decades highlighting popular songs and end up at Call Me Maybe.  I’m not sure why but I always get a kick out of the music history lesson medleys when I get the chance to see them live.

I had peaked at the setlist ahead of time – so I knew when they said “this is our last song” – it wasn’t.  The girls next to me however didn’t, and left.  So I took that as my sign to slip out early and beat the traffic out of the parking lot.  I always sit around and wait 30-45 minutes for the lot to clear out after a show and was just not up to spending that much more time in my car. I’ve hardly ever left a show before the encore before – but I guess there’s a first time for everything.  I did hear “That’s Christmas To Me” as I was leaving though.  And I made it home before 9pm!

I haven’t had time to do anything with photos yet – busy, busy, busy! So expect a “photo dump” post when I do get around to uploading and tagging everything 🙂

Intro / Maship
Beyonce Medley
La La Latch
Love You Long Time
Rather Be
Opera Moment
Four Five Seconds
Breakfree / See Thru
Uptown Funk / Let’s Get It On
Evolution of Music
Standing By
On My Way Home

That’s Christmas To Me
Daft Punk


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