Work From Home
It Ain’t You
Right Here, Right Now
How Bout Now (Remix)
They Don’t Give
Left, Right
Double Tap (feat. 2 Chainz)

Bye Felecia is the Mixtape the Jordin Sparks released.  He new album should be out sometime in 2015 and is up for pre-order at   The album will include the songs from the mixtape as well as some more songs as well.

These songs are a bit of a different side of Jordin than I am used to – but I love them.  Of course the track “How Bout Now” has gotten a lot of press because it is about her ex Jason DeRulo.  At the end of each track she also talks a bit about the next track and why she wrote it and stuff like that, and I always like that bit of “insider” information about songs. Great to hear it directly from Jordin’s mouth!

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