The Fat Guy
Baby vs. Ferrari
Cavity Search
Suicide Hotline
Black Spandex Pants
It’s a Parrot
Don’t Shake a Baby
Japanese Tourists
Little People
God Bless the Broken Road

 Spencer James “Don’t Shake A Baby” is Martin and Lewis, with a little dash of Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. mixed in. James blends both music and dance into his stand-up for a show that’s both anti “jobs” and yet pro “fat kids.”

Spencer James’s comedy career started very early on. At eleven years old, he was the fat kid always getting picked on by school bullies and being ignored by every girl around. An army brat who moved frequently throughout the US as well as internationally, he used stand-up to provide comic relief.

James has entertained audiences all over the country. He was the Winner of the 2014 World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, Nevada and  “Best of the Fest” at the 2014 Burbank Comedy Festival. He was also recently seen on the Fox television show “Laughs”.

A sort of “personal reveal”, his comedy reflects a variety of influences – Bill Cosby’s storytelling; Mitch Hedberg’s one liners; Richard Pryor’s vulnerability. He admires Bill Hicks, Bill Burr and Christopher Titus for the openness they all share. His comedy gives us his unique perspective on those things in life that he finds funny or weird – stuff like guys in wheelchairs buying ladders at Home Depot.

He discusses his warped reactions to first time relationships. No longer the “fat kid”, he continues to feel its influence on his life and uses it to fuel his comedy.

Currently residing in Denver, CO, where beautiful women abound, he still finds it difficult to relate to them and this provides an endless stream of comic opportunities.

If you’re into comedians who like drugs, don’t like to work and throw the “r word” around – then this is the CD for you.  It was not the CD for me.

I received a free download of this CD in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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