For the first Hanson show, we didn’t bother getting in line and hoped we would have a handicapped spot waiting for us.  We did.  There are what I like to call 4 “prime” handicapped viewing spots and we were 2 to the side from one of the four.  I knew I would have to stand to see because everyone in front of me stood – but the ECV was pretty cool and between the controls in front of me and the seat behind me I felt pretty secure!

The setlist for the first show was

Fired Up
Ive Got Soul
Where’s the Love
And I Waited
Minute Without You
Get The Girl Back
Waiting For This

There was a medical emergency during this show – I believe that a girl had a seizure and had to be taken away. (I hope everything turned out ok there!) and you could tell that the guys were concerned. Taylor mentioned her after a couple of songs and stopped after a song to talk to security to see what was going on as well. But the show must go on and they pushed through their set.

The second set we pretty much did the same approach and got the exact same spot haha  For this show t he setlist was

Scream and Be Free
Thinking Bout Somethin
Runaway Run
This Time Around
Tragic Symphony
Give a Little
Minute Without You
Lost Without Each Other

We left before the last song and got back in line – only to be cut by a couple more wheelchairs and scooters so we were 1 off from the “prime” spot – until I spotted a friend next to one of the 4 prime spots.  She called us over and I had a pretty much amazing unobstructed view for the 3rd show. (Thanks Jillian!)

The setlist for the 3rd show was

Fired Up
Ive Got Soul
Where’s The Love
You Can’t Stop Us
Thinking of You
Penny and Me
Get The Girl Back
It’s a Long Way To The Top


We didn’t hang around for Illumiations even though we had wristbands because we needed to be up early for the Hanson Beer Seminar the next morning. We thought maybe we would catch it the next night…



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