First Love
Never Satisfied
I Luh Ya Papi
Acting Like That
So Good
Let It Be Me
Worry No More
Same Girl

A.K.A is the latest release from JLo.  She has already released 2 singles off of it – I Luh Ya Papi (really catchy even if it is a weird phrase) and First Love.  And I think that the next single off it is going to be the song Booty – which she said she was not going to put on the album until she played it for her kids and they loved it.  She has a lot of “featuring” on this album and it is a lot of fun for an office dance party for 1.  There is a mix of up beat songs and a few that are more slowed down as well.  Overall this is a really fun album and one that I will be using to keep myself up and awake on long road trips. (I needed a replacement for Pitbull – love him but I’m getting sick of his same stuff – fortunately he is on a couple of JLo songs so he won’t disappear from my playlist completely!)

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