Try It Tuesday: Ticket Stub Headers

I’ve seen on various websites making a scrapbook page header out of used tickets.  While I’d never cut up any of my tickets, I ended up winning a pair of tickets to see The Wanted after I already had bought my ticket.  Since I was unable to find anyone to go with me, I decided this would be the perfect chance to try it!

What I did was printed out “The Wanted” facing the proper way as a test sheet to make sure that I had the sizing and all that right.  Then I printed it out backwards. I turned this into a sticker (and my sticker maker ran out of sticky stuff before the whole thing was done – this happens  far too often!) and then I stuck the tickets to it.

Then I took my xacto knife and cut around the letters and TA DA I had a header made out of the tickets.  (And if I wanted, the negative could have been used for a header as well – which probably works better for non-concert events when you may have multiple pages and can use them several pages apart!)

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