I’m a Mess
Tenerife Sea
The Man
Thinking Out Loud
Afire Love
Take It Back
Even My Dad Does Sometimes
I See Fire

Ed Sheeran’s X (Multiply) is probably one of my most favorite new albums in a long time.  In fact, I was listening to a bunch of CDs to work on Music Monday posts and loved his so much after the first go round that I played it again instead of moving on to the next CD on the list! It’s very catchy, you’ll find yourself tapping your food or bopping your head around. (I could go w/o the drug references, but I guess that’s Ed)  A few of the songs remind me a bit of Matt Wertz – which for me is certainly a good thing.  If you like what you’ve heard of Ed on the radio (especially with Sing) then I think you will enjoy the full album. I know I did!

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