Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)
True Blood
Take Back the Night
Drink You Away
You Got It On
Only When I Walk Away
Not a Bad Thing

Finally time to get around to talking about Part II of Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 experience!  Obviously we all know that the CD that I most want from Justin is one that also includes JC, Chris, Joey and Lance… but…

This CD was a bit of what I was expecting to hear based on Part 1.  But can we just take a moment to talk about Not a Bad Thing?! That would be THE PERFECT song for NSYNC.  Is there a reason it’s the end song on the album or am I reading too far into things?  I can practically heard JC singing on the song too. (I know, I know. Keep Dreamin’)

It’s also interesting the lengths of some of the songs.  Most songs are around 3 minutes long in general, based on the vinyl records being able to hold a 3-5 minute complete song on a 78RPM single.  This became the norm and even though things are digital now and don’t need to fit on one side of a vinyl it kind of stayed that way.  But all the songs on this album are at least 4 minutes long – with some as much as 11.  Could this be the new direction that music should be going in?

I rank this 4/5

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