Headliner: Radio Festival
Opener(s): BBMak, Westlife, Train, Hanson (and others we didnt stay for)
Cost: $12

(Hanson only)
Wish That I Was There
If Only
Sure About It



We got to this show pretty early and were right up front on the rail.  It was the beginning of summer and I put on no sunscreen and ended up getting the worst sunburn of my life. No joke. I burned so bad that I ended up having blisters all over my chest and it was the most uncomfortable situation to be in, ever. (Though did I learn my lesson to always put on sunscreen? Nope.)  I enjoyed both BBMak and Westlife’s sets (they were boybands, how could I not?) but it was this show where I grew to hate Train. By the time they took the stage I was so miserable that I wanted nothing more than for Hanson to come on and Train’s set seemed to be going on FOR-EV-ER.  They finally got off the stage and Hanson came out and did their 4 songs.  Because of my burn, we left right after even though there were 1 or 2 more acts left to go.


Where Are They Now:

BBMak released a second album in 2002 and broke up in 2003. All 3 band members have gone their separate ways either joining new bands or trying it as a solo artist.

Westlife disbanded in 2012

Train is still going strong and still has singles on Top 40 radio. I’ve seen them several more times and have been miserable the whole time every time.

Hanson… well if you don’t know where they are now you don’t pay much attention to my blog posts 😉

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