June 20, 2014

Book Review: Country Music Broke My Brain

countryCountry Music Broke My Brain is a Behind-the-Microphone Peek at Nashville’s Famous and Fabulous Stars by Gerry House.  Gerry tells his story – from growing up listening to the radio to hosting “Gerry House & The Foundation” radio show.  This book is really interesting because it tells the story of some Country musicians from a bit of a different perspective – which is the other side of the microphone – from him working in radio and being somewhat in the inner circle.

I knew I was going to enjoy this book when the glossary was not at the beginning of the book, not at the end of the book, but somewhere around chapter 5.  I think that’s to make sure you really give it a good look so that you can follow along as you read through the rest of the book.  I’m not really familiar with Gerry at all – or well, I wasn’t before reading this book – but I really enjoyed it and thought it was really well written and a great look into the country music scene.  Great stories, funny stories.  I’m “not a country fan” (or so I keep saying. But I’m not sure how true it is anymore) and still found this book to be very enjoyable even though I might not have been familiar with all the artists mentioned.

Oh and did I mention there were also quizzes throughout the book?  They’re multiple choice and if you don’t know the answer – you will – because it’ll be explained in the next chapter.  I found this to be an nice touch to kind of pique your interest before getting into the chapter.  Also pretty funny are the band names that aren’t yet taken that he has posted in one of the chapters. “Trailer Swift”? Ha.

A great read for any music fan.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Nashville is filled with stars and lovers and writers and dreamers. Nashville is also teeming with lunatics and grifters and dip wads and moochers. Gerry House fits easily into at least half of those categories. Someone would probably have to be brain-damaged or really damn talented to try to entertain professional entertainers over a decades-long radio show in Music City, USA.

Fortunately, House is little of both.

Host of the nationally syndicated, top-rated morning show, “Gerry House & The Foundation” for 25 years, he has won virtually every broadcasting award there is including a place in the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Gerry also spent that time deep inside the songwriting and recording world in Nashville.

In Country Music Broke My Brain, Gerry tells his stories from the other side of the microphone. He reveals never-aired, never-before published conversations with country music’s biggest names—Johnny Cash, Brad Paisley, and Reba McEntire to name a few—and leaves you with his own crazy antics that will either have you laughing or shaking your head in disbelief.

With exclusive celebrity stories, humorous trivia and anecdotes, and broadcasting wisdom, this book is a treat for country music fans or for anyone who wants a good laugh.

Book Review: Billion Dollar Bad Boy

badboyThe Billion Dollar Bad Boy is the second book in The Billionaire’s Club, the story of Donovan Morrow.  His brother’s story I have already read and reviewed in The Billionaire Bachelor.  In this story, Donovan is meeting with Victoria, who wants to buy some land that Donovan’s brother Jax wants him to sell.  Except that Donovan doesn’t want to sell it and is trying to convince Jax that he can do something with it to make it worth their while.  But Victoria is determined to get the land to show her father that even though she is adopted, she has what it takes to be a de Winter and earn his respect.

Although Victoria is engaged, the two end up hooking up in the back of the limo on the way to Jax and Pandora’s engagement party. (The subjects of the previous book.)  Donovan wants to get to Jax to convince him to NOT sell, while Victoria is hoping to get to Jax to convince him TO sell.  Except now Donovan seems to be head over heels in love with Victoria – who has insisted she used her “Get Out Of Jail Free” card on him in the limo and can not do anything else with him.

When Victoria calls her finance to let him know she used her card (which he had previously already used) he tells her that he has met someone else while he was away.  Now Victoria can go after Donovan. But will she?

I liked that this was another short read, but it seemed to read a bit similarly to the other book in the series – same type of relationship and storyline – just different characters.  There is a 3rd book coming out on the 3rd brother, Sean.  It will be interesting to see if that book is any different than the other two.  If you did not read the previous book I don’t think you’d have any problems really following this one – Jax and Pandora are in it only shortly and there seems to be enough information about it that you won’t be lost or confused.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

The Billionaire’s Club: a fabulously sexy contemporary series about some of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful men and the women they claim…and keep.

The face of the Morrow company, Donovan Morrow is the ultimate Trojan. But despite his entrepreneurial gifts—in the boardroom and the bedroom—he always comes in second to his big brother, Jax. Until Victoria de Winter, a beautiful and brilliant corporate rival, enters the picture…

Victoria has enjoyed great success in her family’s business—and now that she’s engaged, she seems to have her future all figured out. But as soon as she meets Donovan, she is tormented by their mutual desire…and soon she is his to possess. But what is the price of surrendering to the Billion Dollar Bad Boy?

Dont miss Jaxs story in The Billion Dollar Bachelor, available now! And Seans story in The Billionaire Biker coming in April 2014.

Book Review: Uncle John’s Plunges Into California

unclejohnCalifornia Here We Come! Uncle John’s Bathroom reader is at it again – this time plunging in to a book all about sunny California. In addition to some great facts and stories about California, the book is also jam packed with beautiful photos of places to see throughout the state.  There’s information about people from CA, of course earthquakes, wild life, quotes about the state, stories about the Hollywood sign, San Francisco’s sourdough, to name a few.  I certainly learned a lot about the state while reading this book – and now I really want to visit again! (I’ve only been to LA – I need to branch out a bit more!)  This book is intended to be a bathroom reader – but although stories are short and sweet (or you can read whole sections if you, uh, need more time) it can just as well be read anywhere else you’d like as well of course!  If you love California or juts want to learn some interesting factoids about the state or maybe you’re just looking to stock your bathroom library – this is the book for you!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

From the redwood forest to the Mexican border, the Pacific coastline to the Mojave Desert, California is the most populous state in the Union and the eighth-largest economy in the world. And what better way to honor America’s most influential state than by devoting an entire Technicolor compendium to the cause? Inside this book, readers will discover obscure history, learn fascinating facts, and meet the unique people who make California so great. So grab your sunglasses, hold on to your gold-miner’s hat, and plunge into the Golden State!

Book Review: Obsessed

obsessedObsessed is 2 books in one – The Crush and The Crush II.  I believe they were originally written in 1994 (based on the copyright) which for the most part didn’t really seem to matter – but at one point they were all pretty impressed about a car phone and I think if everyone had cell phones in their pockets with cameras this story wouldn’t have played out quite like it did. Oh and there is some mention of cassettes as well! 😉  The book actually reminded me a bit of Pretty Little Liars which is just the type of suspense novel that I love so I got right into this story as soon as it started.  (The book blurb that was provided is also incorrect as Michael’s last name is Warden not Barton, so perhaps it has been updated slightly for its release as an ebook?)

I am going to try really hard to go about this without giving away major plot points.  But the book takes place at a teen nightclub called “Covers” where they perform, work in the kitchen, run the “bar” (no alcohol!), etc.  One of the guys who performs is Michael and he has recently broken up with his girlfriend and seems to be down.  The girls make a contest to see who can date him the longest.  Whoever can date him for 2 weeks wins.  Pretty much all the girls that work there are in on this contest and ready to compete.  Except that all the girls that he is dating seem to be killed off, one by one. (And he quickly moves on to another which I tried to not dwell on too much!)

At the end of the first book/part we think that everything is solved.  The suspect is dead and while Michael is considered a suspect on and off throughout the investigation, he seems to be in the clear.

When the next book starts up I wasn’t sure we actually needed a second part.  Although after having read it I have to disagree with my early thoughts. We absolutely needed this second book!  Everyone is trying to move on now that it seems that the “Cupid Killer” is gone out of everyone’s lives.  Michael was in the psych hospital but has gotten out and is now doing much better.  But then more of the girl’s Michael is with begin turning up dead.  So of course, Michael seems to be the prime suspect once again.

Then you start to wonder – is everything that I thought was true in the first book totally a lie? Was it Michael? Was it someone else entirely and the first “killer” just took the blame to put it all to an end?

I won’t say much more than that – but if you are into the Pretty Little Liars series, I think you will really enjoy Obsessed, as I know that I did!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

From master of suspense Jo Gibson comes two heart-stopping novels of romantic obsession–where the love never dies. It kills. . .

The Crush

Michael Barton is smart, sweet, gorgeous–the total package. Which is why some of the girls have decided to have a little contest. Whoever hooks up with Michael first will be the winner. There’s just one problem. One of the girls has been harboring a secret crush on Michael for years. She’ll do anything to be his girlfriend. She’ll play the game. She’ll win his heart. She’ll beat the competition. . .to death.


The Crush II

Michael Barton has experienced the dark side of love. He has survived the advances of a psychotic stalker. He has endured her deadly game of obsession. And now he is free from her web of lust and lies. But Michael has a surprise waiting for him. His secret admirer is still out there. Watching. Waiting. Plotting her next move. And if Michael thinks he can escape her this time, he’s wrong. . .dead wrong.

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