Music Monday: Cher Lloyd Sorry I’m Late


Sorry I’m Late is the sophomore release from UK based singer Cher Lloyd. It was released last month on May 23rd.  The album was supposed to be out much earlier but kept getting pushed back – which may have something to do with it being titled “Sorry I’m Late”.  The first single off the album was “I Wish”, which I got to see Cher perform when I was out in Vegas last fall.  The most recent single is “Sirens”, which I was hoping to get the chance to see live a couple weeks ago at the Kiss 95.7 Summer Kick Off Concert, but unfortunately Cher had to not do that show in order to firm a music video with Demi Lovato.

Just Be Mine
Bind Your Love
I Wish
Dirty Love
Sweet Despair
Killin’ It
Alone with Me

I have the explicit version of the CD – there is also a clean version (the smoke is edited out on the cover and I would assume the lyrics are cleaned up a bit as well to omit the swear words)  I love Cher, her songs are catchy and fun and this CD certainly captures her.  My favorite songs are I Wish and M.P.O.T.Y (Mother Fuckin’ Party of the Year!)  Although the CD is short and only 11 tracks – I love it and it flows really well. I can certainly see it being played a lot more by me and taking some tracks for playlists!

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