June 24, 2014

Product Review: Soleil Glow Razors by BIC


My latest product I got for free from BzzAgent is the Soleil Glow Razors by BIC. They could not have come at a better time. The brand that I currently have, they have replaceable cartridges and I can not for the life of me figure out how to put new ones on. Not to mention that every time I drop them, they fall apart. So it was time to get a new razor and I am more than happy to have the BIC Soleil Glow in my bathroom now!  They come in 3 great colors – purple, pink and green – great summer colors!  They also have a really nice cover on them – great if you’re traveling so you don’t accidentally cut yourself when grabbing it out of your bags.  (My cousin had an incident like this when we went on vacation once and the memory of her cutting her finger has never left me even though it’s been about 20 years since said vacation!)  The cover slides to the side for easy on and easy off!  The grips for the razors are nice and it is a nice, smooth shave.  I did get a few nicks (I tend to shave without any cream which probably was not a good idea when using the razor for the first time) but they didn’t sting too bad and I’d blame it more on myself than the razors since I didn’t use any cream.

  • The COMFORT SHIELD head evenly distributes pressure, effortlessly glides and helps protect your skin from irritation
  • Three flexible blades individually adjust to all your curves for a flawlessly smooth shave
  • lubricating strip infused with Vitamin E and Aloe pampers and soothes your skin
  • The pivoting head easily follows the contours of your body
  • Each pack includes three beautiful, translucent handles: pastel pink, purple and green
  • The rubber grip delivers added comfort and control

Oh and did I mention they have a suggested retail price of just $6.99?

I received these products for free for being part of BzzAgent in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine

Love with Food May


Time for my recap of the May Love with Food Box!  If you’d like to sign up – please consider using my affiliate link at the bottom of this post 🙂

Honeybush Caramel, Southern Mint, and Tropical Green Teas by Revolution Tea
These flavor full-leaf teas are made with select herbs, real fruit pieces, essential oils and all natural flavors.
At the time of writing I havent tried these teas yet.

Tarallino Snack with Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Terre Di Puglia
The Kentucky Derby was first raced in 1875, but Italian Tarelli has been around much longer; 6 simple ingredients that pairs great with any beverage.
These were great snacks after the concert in Tulsa. Crunchy and tasted great.

Tropical Peach Drink Mix by Flavrz Organic
Speaking of beverages, add a southern flair to your daily water intake with this peach water enhancer – it’s organic, it’s non-GMO, and it will change your outlook on hydration
Mom tried this one and thought that it was a bit watered down even after following the directions, but she liked the peach flavor and said “if you like peach, you will love it!”

Sweet Potato Chips by one Potato Two Potato
Packed with beta-carotene and vitamin A, these non-GMO sweet potato chips will have you cheering!
These chips were SO good that I think I’m going to have to buy more. I love all things sweet potato and these did not disappoint.

Key Lime Cookies by J&M
Made with only the best ingredients, these tea cookies strike the perfect balance between tart and sweet
These were certainly the perfect balance between tart and sweet and also had the perfect amount in the bag for an after the show snack.

Giddy Up & Go Grande
Start your day on the right hoof with this gluten-free granola… and you’re off!
This granola I tried for breakfast when flying to Tulsa and couldn’t eat more than a few bites because it tasted like nothing. I was bummed.

Hickory Smoked Sea Salt by The Spice Lab
A true taste of the south, this salt has been smoked over premium hickory hard wood to add instant smoky BBQ flavor to any dish or snack
At the time of writing we didn’t try this out yet.

Italian Black Truffle Salt by The Spice Lab
Debry divas are known for their classy hats, now you can class up your snacks with the singularly delicious taste of prized black truffles.
At the time of writing we didn’t try this out yet.

Love With Food - Snack Smart. Do Good.(affiliate link)


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