Once again, my review on this product will be coming – but enter NOW to win! Ends 3/1



Cook’n is the #1 Best-Selling Recipe Organizer and is the ultimate kitchen companion.

Cook’n is the Only Recipe Software that lets you:
– Easily Enter your Personal Recipes

  • – Get Ideas for What to Make for Dinner
    – See a Visual Menu Planner
    – Auto-Generate Shopping Lists
    – Capture Recipes From Favorite Websites
    – Calculate Nutrition of Your Recipes
    – Capture & Sync Pinterest Recipes – Demo
    – Scan Printed Recipes – Demo
    – Discover New Recipes w/Live Feed – Demo
    – Print Themed Recipes – Demo
    – Use Snip-It to Capture Blog Recipes – Demo
    – Import recipes from Word – Demo
    – Share Recipes with Social Media – Demo
    – and much more!

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2 thoughts on “Giveaway: Cook’n Recipe Organizer Download”
  1. My recipes are mess scattered everywhere; I have paper recipes, ones on Pinterest and many bookmarked on my computer. I need to get organized so I can find the recipe when I need it.

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