Recently I updated my Hanson site ( and when I updated the blog I noticed that I could no longer see Disqus comments when viewing from my PC.  I assumed that when I updated WordPress something went wonky so I turned off the Disqus plug in and thought nothing more of it.

Until I went to comment on a friend’s blog who also uses Disqus and there was no comment form to be found.  I checked out the comments here and they were MIA too.  I ended up tweeted Disqus for help because the plug in said it was down for maintenance, but when they got back to me (quite some time later) they said everything was working on their end.

During the time when I was waiting for Disqus to get back to me I tried both sites on my laptop and the comments were working so I figured out that this was something local to my PC.  I figured it was either something to do with my Cache or my virus protection.

I deleted all my cache and anything and everything I had stored – didn’t work.

Then I found a page that said that a “known issue” was between the Chrome Avast add-on and Disqus.  I disabled the add-on and tada! We were back in business. I was glad I didn’t have to remove the virus protection completely.

Now I’m just waiting for a comment contest on the Hanson site to come to an end before swapping back over to Disqus (I don’t want to risk losing the comments / entries)

But if you have Disqus and can’t see the comment option on your page and have the Avast add-on – that’s probably your problem!

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