rippedRipped is about Hayley who is a bridesmaid in her friends wedding.  She is forced to wear a hideous yellow dress that is probably too tight on her. Oh and did I mention that her friend is marrying her ex?  I was in to this book as soon as I found out that Hayley was an engineer! Yeah female engineers!  Anyway… back to the story.  As Hayley feared, her dress pops open in the church and she is naked from the waist up.  The best man, Nico hurries over to her and gives her his jacket and rushes her away from all the gawking stares.  Hayley thinks that Nico has no sense of humor and is always icy.  When the two begin making out in the room he ushered her into, she is shocked.  But their sisters both seem to walk in on them before anything more can happen.

Hayley has vowed that for the New Year her resolution is to just have meaningless sex with guys. Every time she tries a relationship it fails so she thinks this will be fool-proof.  When Hayley’s sister Rosie notices that Hayley has been thinking about Nico since the wedding, she invites him to their Christmas dinner. He ends up taking her away to his place – where she stays for 5 days! But she wants to stick to her resolution, even though it is not quite the New Year yet.  Can Nico convince her to give him a chance in the new year?

I really enjoy these Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin because for the most part they are short – so they get right to the good parts of the story without pages and pages of setting things up.  Any book I can read easily on a snowy afternoon is a win for me!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

“Wardrobe malfunction” doesn’t begin to cover it.

With a rip louder than the “I dos,” Hayley’s hideous bile-yellow bridesmaid dress explodes. She’s always had enviable curves, but nearly naked wasn’t quite the look she’d been going for at her ex’s wedding.

She’s rushed from the altar under the best man’s designer tux jacket. Hayley’s expecting a blast of icy disapproval from sexy, sophisticated Niccolò Rossi— his usual reaction to anything she does. What she gets is a kiss that nearly melts what’s left of her polyester nightmare gown.

It’s impossible on a million levels. Exuberant engineer Hayley and buttoned-up lawyer Nico have never seen eye to eye —but skin to skin? Oh, mio… So when Nico shows up at her flat on Christmas Day to give her a fabulous gift —himself —Hayley’s delighted to do the unwrapping. But it’s just a holiday fling. By New Year’s Day, she’ll come back to her senses…unless Nico’s sensual skills tear away all her resolve.

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