The Wrong Christmas Carol is not your typical romance novel.  I know I’ve been complaining a bit lately about “far fetched” scenarios in books – but this one is probably the farthest out there.  All the way in Heaven! But for some reason I was a bit more ok with this than some of the other scenarios in other books.

Landlord Mr. Shepherd says a prayer in hopes that his tenants, Gabby and Mike, will hook up and eventually have a family.  Except, Jack, the angel in charge of making his prayer come true gets things a little bit backwards and after Gabby finds her car stolen, and then returned, the police are putting a baby in her arms.  A baby whose hospital bracelet says that she is hers!

Gabby decides that she will keep an eye on the baby until child services can find the real parents.  Her neighbor Mike agrees to help her out and since he is a doctor, he has friends who can run a DNA test.  Except that all his work as well as his friends are wiped out and no one can figure out why.  Is it Jack trying to meddle?

Jack is sure to be in BIG TROUBLE if anyone finds out what he did, so he is trying everything he can to make Mike and Gabby keep the baby – and fall in love.  When the DNA test shows that Gabby and Mike are Carol’s biological parents – both are baffled.  They had never slept together! Jack ends up coming to them to explain what happened.

Mike is debating taking a job in Albany – out of state from where they live.  Gabby is upset that he applied to it after he knew about Carol being his.  Can Jack (with the help of Mr. Shepherd) get Gabby and Mike to stay together and raise Carol?

This was a cute book – I always enjoy when angels are in books. Not sure why.  Despite the story being out there, I really enjoyed it and it was a fairly quick afternoon read! I’m just bummed I couldn’t have read it a little bit earlier when I was in the Christmas spirit – since that is when the story begins!

I received a free e-copy of this book from NetGalley in order to write this review.  I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

It should have been a simple Christmas task: answer nice, old Mr. Shepherd’s prayer for his favorite tenants. Gabby D’Angelo and Dr. Mike Archer were perfect for each other—destined to meet eventually, anyhow. Just sprinkle some matchmaking magic on them—slow down their busy lives so they finally noticed each other. That’s all Jack, their guardian angel, had to do . . .


A little mistake in heavenly calculations means Jack has to wing it . . . and the lucky couple is about to get a lesson in love and miracles.


Gabby stared at the beautiful baby the officer placed in her arms. It was a newborn, not more than a few days old. Why was the officer handing her a baby he’d found in her stolen car—he assumed it was hers?


She almost blurted out that question, but the baby shifted and waved its arms as it slept. On one was a hospital bracelet. Gabby smiled with relief. The bracelet would identify the real parents. She turned it to read the information. Her neighbor Mike bent his handsome head beside hers, so he could see, too.


Carol. The baby’s name. She’d been born right after midnight on Christmas night.


Gabby stared at the parent’s names. Mike inhaled sharply.

Gabrielle D’Angelo and Mike Archer.

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