Haunted Rock & Roll tells the story of some of the most famous rock and roll icons and  their ghosts.  The first part of the book is on Rock Star Ghosts and tells stories of 16 ghosts including Elvis, Mama Cass, Whitney Houston and Buddy Holly, among many others.  Each chapter tells a bit about their career, their death and spottings of their ghosts with a bit of a possibility of why they are haunting that particular place as well. (Will.I.Am thinks that Michael Jackson is haunting him, Jim Morrison is haunting a part of a Mexican restaurant – the reason why is actually quite interesting!)

The second part of the book is about Haunted Rock Spots – 7 places where rock stars have spent their time that appear to be haunted – bars, clubs, concert halls and studios.  I know that a few bands I follow have mentioned a couple of haunted venues so I believe it!

Section 3 is about Premonitions, Signs and Omens.  John Lennon had a fascination with the #9 – he was born on it and died on it – if you go by the date it was in London when he was killed. The Beatles were discovered on the 9th and there’s just a lot of information about John and this number.  Which leads to the 4th section which is Rock N Rolls Most Famous Curses and Mysteries – one of the 9 (!) featured is the 27 Club.  Which is all of the rock stars who have died at the age of 27, but what is 2 + 7?  9!

If you are interested in the paranormal and mysteries revolving some rock stars and their death and the afterlife, then you should check out Haunted Rock & Roll.  A fairly quick read and full of some very interesting information and theories!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review.  I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

From rock and roll’s pioneers to its contemporary rebels, explore how the greatest names live on after death—in unexpected and frightening ways. Combining two of America’s great passions, celebrities and the paranormal, Haunted Rock & Roll covers rock’s entire supernatural history.

Explore rock and roll’s most iconic idols, haunted locations, and infamous legends through evidence and testimonials from renowned ghost hunters and researchers. Discover thrilling stories of Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Amy Winehouse, and many more stars seen haunting their favorite bars, clubs, and homes. From the early days through the present pop music era, rockers have followed the same motto: Live fast, die young, and leave a restless spirit.

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