Of Words and Water is a compilation of various short stories, songs and poems from a group of authors.  This started as an idea on Good Reads and the various authors all donated their works to put this compilation together to help out WaterAid.  The common theme of everything in the book is water.  It is available for purchase on SmashWords  for FREE! and in return it is asked that you make a donation to WaterAid at http://www.justgiving.com/Of-Words-And-Water .  (Justgiving is a  a tried, tested and trusted site). Every penny helps 🙂

About the Book

Published in support of WaterAid, a delightful selection of varied short stories, poems, and song lyrics from an international group of top class authors, that features Peggy Seeger, noted singer and environmentalist. The cohesive theme is Water, something most of us take for granted. For millions of people clean drinking water is a luxury. Together we can change that.

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