Goodies : July

July’s Goodies box was by far the best one that I have received. In fact, I ate it all in one sitting. ┬áProbably not my best moment.

The contents were:

Grain Crisps Original by Crunchmaster

Packed with tasty toasted seeds, these healthy rice crackers are tremendously crunchy, delightfully nutty and completely gluten-free.

Caramel by Cosmo Creations

Pillow puffs of melt in your mouth oven baked corn, wrapped in a crisp coating of buttery caramel; you’ve never tasted corn this heavenly before.

Fresh Corn and Sea Salt Chips

Sweet, fresh corn kernels right off the cob raise corn chip to a whole new level. Taste the delicious difference of authentic ingredients.

Black Raspberry by Coca-Cola

Add sparkle to your day with refreshingly sweet-tart bubbles in Black Raspberry Fruit Water, a smart calorie-free, vitamin-rich alternative to soda.

Cherry Lovers by Gimbal’s

Bing cherry, chocolate cherry, kiwi cherry, oh my! With nine unique flavors made with real cherry juice, each fruit chew is tastier than the last.

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