I recently built myself a new computer. After everything was up and running I was faced with a decision.  What virus scan and protection would I use to keep my computer safe?  I was contacted by Webroot and asked to check out their product on my machine and let everyone else know what I thought of it.
Webroot is unique in that it can protect PCs and Macs and also smartphones and tablets! (Android and iPhone/iPad).  I have a license for only my PC at the moment, but I am considering expanding my number of licenses to protect my phone as well.
Usage License
For each copy purchased, you have the right to use and install that copy on one device. If you intend to install on more computers than the number of licenses purchased, you must purchase additional licenses to match the number of devices the program is to be installed on. For more details, please read the full license agreement included with the installation program displayed during setup.Webroot runs about $40 for 1 year for 1 device. (3 devices are $60 and 5 is $80 so you obviously get a deal the more devices your protect with Webroot.)  Once you have it installed, it runs silently in the background while you are using your computer – you won’t even have any idea it is there – but it will be making sure you stay safe.  Some other virus protection software I have used in the past, I have always known it is there.  It is either popping up annoying things that I don’t care about (ok, you updated yourself, awesome, that’s what you’re supposed to be doing!) or it would make my whole computer completely lag to the point where I’d consider turning it off just to get some decent web browsing done (thus, defeating the purpose.)  I haven’t had either of these issues since installing Webroot.

If you are not sure if Webroot is the right fit for you – check out their website, the are offering free trials so you can check it out and get familiar with it before committing for the year.

I haven’t had any issues arise so I can’t tell you how it deals with any incoming viruses on your machine – but that is a good thing!

I received a free copy of the software to run on my PC in order to write this review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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