Ahh the quarterfinals. Team Adam and Team CeeLo battled it out on Monday night.  With 2 being immediately eliminated by the judges at the end of the show.  America will put 1 through to the next round and the coaches will send one through on Tuesday night. Who will it be?

Jamar – It’s My Life – I thought that it was a great performance from Jamar. I’d love to see him through to the next round, but these teams this week are stacked so we’ll have to see how I feel at the end of the episode if I think he’ll make it through!

Katrina – Jar of Hearts – Another good performance… once again, will it be good enough? we’ll have to wait and see.

Mathai – I Am Like a Bird – I liked her in the beginning but I just did not like this performance from her.

James – Just The Way You Are – Aww great performance from James

Tony – Baby One More Time – OH. MY. GOD.  amazing. love love love it. Take that Christina!!!  Best of the freaking night, I can not get over it.

Cheesa – I Have Nothing – A big song for her to sing and I just didn’t like it…

Pip – Somewhere Only We Know – Another good performance! Pip is so cute.

Juliet – Cryin – Usually I think Juliet is pretty good, but she really got off to rough start on this one. I dont think it will be enough to send her home though

My pick to leave team Adam: Mathai
My Pick to leave team CeeLo: Cheesa

Adam’s pick to leave: Pip
CeeLo’s pick to leave: James

Ok well that picking didn’t go so well….

My picks to go through on Tuesday
Team Adam: Tony and Katrina
Team CeeLo: Juliet and Jamar

America’s choices to go through to the next round are Tony Lucca (yay!) and Jamar Rogers. While I figured Jamar would be through I thought that it would be Juliet that America chose. (Which I thought all the more when it was mentioned that Juliet and Tony had top songs on iTunes)

I wasn’t that into Katrina’s second performance, but I do still believe that it should be Mathai going home.  Adam seemed to agree with me and saved Katrina.

With Team CeeLo I am going to stick with my instinct from last night as well and say that Juliet will make it through and Cheesa will be going home.  And CeeLo agreed!

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