Wednesday night’s theme was Queen / Contestant’s Choice. But first we were treated to a medley by the Top 6 and the remaining members of Queen!   Queen is definitely not easy to replicate so it will be interesting to see how they do this week!

Jessica – Bohemian Rhapsody – Another good performance but I still don’t feel anything with her performances. She doesn’t put any personality in her song, or something. There is something missing for me with her performances.

Skylar – The Show Must Go On – Love Skylar. Another great performance from her. And comments from my dad: “She puts her heart and soul into every song”

Joshua – Crazy Little Thing Called Loved – Can you expect anything less than amazing from Joshua? Love love love him!

Elise – I Want It All – Queen is right up her ally. She really excels with the classic rock songs

Phillip – Fat Bottomed Girls – Great performance from Phillip. Nice to see im without the guitar and not looking as awkward as usual.

Hollie – Save Me – She’s really only a step up from Jessica. Another good singer but nothing that I can really get into.

Jessica – Dance With My Father – Robot. Robot. Not a fan.

Skylar – Tattoos on the Town – another great performance from Skylar.

Joshua – Ready For Love – I’m not sure what to say about him anymore. He’s just so good. (And yes, I typed this out before Randy and JLo said basically the same thing…)

Elise – Bold As Love – I… am not sure about this song for her. (And I did know this song because John Mayer covers it. But my parents did not know it…)

Phillip – The Stone – This was on the cheat set list as The ___ – ____ ____ Band.  Figured it would be Dave Matthews Band and be done by Phillip because – hello, duh? What could be more obvious?  (And didn’t JLo say something in his first song about how it DIDNT sound Dave Matthews?)  But it was really weird performance and  I didn’t much like it.

Hollie – The Climb – I’m glad they addressed her weird accent 😉 This song is my karaoke jam, so I’m not sure I can really take it seriously.  Hollie did well with it, but I’m not sure it’ll keep her out of the bottom 3.  Although, Bottom 3 is half of them… so…

My pick for bottom 3: Elise, Hollie, Jessica

Going Home: Jessica

Well, first up was Elise and Jessica and we find out that it is Jessica in the Top 3 and Elise in the Bottom 3.  Once again, my picks are a fail.  Good thing I’m not betting on them.

Then it was time for my favorite from last season – STEFANO!

Then between Joshua and Hollie, Hollie was in the Bottom 3.  So I got 2/3 right but of course the one I get wrong is the one I thought would go home.

Then we had to suffer through some Katy Perry…

We find out that of Skylar and Phillip, Skylar is in the bottom but then two seconds later she is safe.

Elise ends up leaving the competition. 🙁

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