The Voice Live Rounds – Part 2

Monday night it was Team Adam vs Team CeeLo!


Katrina – Tonight Tonight – I thought this was a great performance from her, but wasn’t into the arrangement of the song.

Cheesa – Don’t Leave Me This Way – Wasn’t a fan of her during the battle rounds and I’m still not sure I’m into her.  Will have to wait until I see everyone to decide if that will make her through or not though.

Tony L- In Your Eyes – Love! I liked the breakdown at the end too with less of the instruments. Not sure why Christina needed to be such a bitch though!

Kim – Rollin In The Deep – I’m really so sick of Adele being covered I can not even begin to explain it. But Kim is a power house.

James – Don’t Know Why – I really like James. But I’m was not really digging this performance. His higher notes weren’t perfect… But he’s so adorable I kind of hope he’ll make it through. (I know, I know, it’s The Voice. But its ultimately a popularity contest)

Juliet  – Roxanne – She is one of the better voices in this competition.

Mathai – Ordinary People – I really like Mathai.  I thought this was a great performance. She has a really unique voice and a great tone.

Tony V – Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tony is fantastic. Love, love, loved his performance. I don’t even have enough good things to say about it.

Karla – Airplanes – I could either take or leave this performance.

Erin- Walk Like An Egyptian – Not into her. At. All.

Pip – When You Were Young – Another one of my favorites! Good performance.

Jamar – Are You Gonna Go My Way – Awesome! Wow.

My predictions for going through to the next round:

Team Adam
Tony L

Team CeeLo
Tony  V

Tuesday was the live elimination round.

We found out america’s first save was Mathai, followed by Tony (!), and then Pip!   For Team CeeLo it was Juliet. Followed by Jamar and James.

Kim, Karla and Katrina battled it out for Team Adam. Of the three, I am sticking with my pick of Kim. Adam however went with Katrina, putting me at 75% right for Team Adam.

For team Cee Lo we heard again from Tony, Erin and Cheesa.  Once again, I’m sticking with my original pick of Tony V.  Cee Lo chooses Cheesa and I am at 75% for Team Cee Lo.

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