Idol Top 7 (Take Two)

Wednesday’s nights theme was “Then and Now”, I was not impressed to see many duplicate artists (GaGa, Alicia Keys, Marvin Gaye) and an Adele on the list posted to the American Idol facebook, but hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised and not annoyed that the same damn songs keep getting done over and over and over…

First was time for NOW –

Hollie – Rolling in the Deep – Obviously you know my feelings on the song choice – but I think she did a really great job with the song. (My mom says it was her best ever )

Colton – Bad Romance – How appropriate my least favorite singing my least favorite! Sometimes… he looks like a fish when he sings. Didn’t really like the performance but you all knew that was coming.

Elise – No One – I really liked this performance from her. It just seemed to come so easy to her in this performance and I wish she could do this more consistently!

Phillip – U Got It Bad – I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this version, but I think it was awesome!

Jessica – Fallin – Jessica is good, but last week my friend told me that she thought she was a robot. And I can definitely see that.

Skylar – Born This Way – Hate Gaga. Love Skylar.  And was that Sons of Sylvia backing her? (Obviously I spent far too much time trying to figure this out than paying attention to the performance)

Joshua – I Believe  – Did you really have any doubt that Mantasia wouldn’t rock the Fantasia? He is so good.

Then it was time for THEN –

(But I had to take the Jeopardy Teen Test ‘just for fun’)

Hollie – Son of a Preacher Man – I think Hollie is BACK! Another great performance from her (from what I could hear while answering questions)

Colton – September – Didn’t like it at all. I don’t like how he re-worked it.

Elise – Let’s Get It On – Not a horrible performance, but I definitely preferred her earlier performance. (Is it just me or did the judges talk to her FOR-EV-ER?)

Phillip – In The Midnight Hour – Good performance. He seems so awkward without his guitar though. I guess that comfort will come in time.

Jessica – Try a Little Tenderness – I feel like there is something missing in all her performances. Personality? I don’t know. She has the voice but she just… doesn’t get me invested into her songs.

Skylar – Heard It Through The Grapevine – Oh crap the fiddle player is back. He has to be one of the guys from Sons of Sylvia.  Another stellar performance from Skylar. I’m hoping we have a female winner this year and that it is her!

Joshua –  A Change Is Gonna Come –  Skylar / Joshua final 2? Yes please!  I can’t get over how great Joshua is and the fact that he was in the bottom last week kills me! Maybe I need to pick up my game w/ voting

Bottom 3: I have NO clue.

Going home: Gosh. Colton or Jessica?  That would be good with me!

YAY Kris Allen was back on Thursday w/ his new single Vision of Love. Can’t wait for his album to come out (I  have 3 copies pre-ordered)

And that elimination got a standing ovation, round of applause and cheers from our living room…

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