Sunday night, SK6ers played a free set in the Wolf’s Den at Mohegan Sun.  The night was pretty crazy – my friend I was going to ride up with got sick, so I rode up solo.  Then I met up with a couple of other friends, but one had an expired ID and they wouldn’t let her in the Wolf’s Den (I’ve rarely had them check ID, but they checked everyone’s) so I ended up going in by myself – and sitting at the table with a twitter friend purely by coincidence.

I got there when the guys were sound checking and heard a couple of songs.  I thought there was no line – but it turned out that at some point since I was there last (September?) they completely changed where the entrance to the place is.  When we did finally get in line it wasn’t that long – but it was just so confusing because the other entrance there was a straight line back you could wait in and on this new side there is a HUGE wheel of fortune game.  People didn’t understand the line cut off after us, and security that was placed there to tell people to move to the other line didn’t do a good job of it either.

We were let inside about 5:30 for the 7pm show – which baffled the Mohegan workers. (No one seems to inform them of anything!)  SK6ers would be doing a pre-show fanclub 2 song set at 6pm, so in order to not totally screw over the fanclub members and make sure they got  seat – everyone was let in early.  Half the table left for 6erstown and while they were gone me and the other girl left at the table tried to convince the navy guy that was sitting with us that Hanson was good. He just kept saying he hated them lol

At 7, Stephen took the stage solo and sang Satisfied Man. The rest of the band (which now includes Chip – formerly of the Alternate Routes) joined him on stage for the rest of the set.  I think there were only a couple of songs that I hadn’t seen them do live before (Roots and Wings, My Favorite Place), but even so the sets are always different because Stephen is very in the moment and will play off the crowd which will make his banter change or how long the song goes on for, etc.  During one song he told about how he used to tell his dad he was staying at his mom’s, and tell his mom he was staying at his dad’s and then sneak off to his girlfriend (now wife’s) house.  The fact that this went on without anyone realizing it scares him now that he has 3 daughters.

The set was about an hour and a half long – and also included a cover of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” complete with Boots (drummer) dressed like a purple banana…  The set ended with “Big Easy” so we all got to do the dance.  I still remember when Soucy was teaching us the dance the very first time they did it.  It’s evolved a bit since then…

Satisfied Man
Wagon Wheel
4th of July
Roots and Wings
Such a Way
The Bear
Shady Esperanto and the Young Hearts
My Favorite Place
Start the Day Early
Let’s Go Crazy

Big Easy

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