THREE episodes of Idol this week! How fun!  What wasn’t fun was staying up from 11pm to midnight to watch the “special SUNDAY episode” that ended up being reaired at a normal time on Tuesday.  Wish I had known that was going to happen ahead of time because I would have gone to bed a bit earlier! (Actually, who am I kidding? We would have watched a different show instead – we were up until 1am as it was trying to make a dent in the DVR to no avail).  Only two names added to my list from this episode – Ashley Robles and Ali Shields.  Jim Carrey’s daughter might have potential too, but we’ll have to see what she does in Hollywood.

Wednesday night we were in Aspen, CO.  I wasn’t entirely paying attention to this episode – but I did like the girl with the 60s/70s vibe and the girl with bipolar.  Otherwise I wasn’t entirely impressed with the talent they passed through to Hollywood – but during hell week anything can happen.

Thursday brought us to Houston, TX.  Skylar Lane – may be country but I like her – and I like that she’s not a girly girl even though she could come off as one.  Bailey..I don’t remember her from Ssn 6 (but I do remember the jersey girls. yuck) but I do like her now! Kristine Osoirio was good as well.  (And the few Jennifer thought were good but the guys weren’t, I agreed with Jennifer.)  And finally a decent boy! Cortez Shaw. I thought we were seriously lacking in the guy department the past few episodes!  Ramiro Garcia is good too – but another one w/ a sob story.


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