The Black Widow Trainer by Craig Odanovich is billed as “an erotic adventure novel”.  It tells the story of Misty and her husband Rob.  The story starts when she is in Hawaii with her husband Rob and their friend Becca.  While there, she ends up having an affair with a guy that she found incredibly attractive.  She confesses to Rob and rather than ask for a divorce – he asks for an open marriage!  She is allowed to sleep with whoever she wants and he won’t ask any questions about it, and the same goes for him.  Misty works as a personal trainer and is one of the best.  One of her clients asks her to go overseas with him for 3 months and to create a contract of what it will take to get her to go.  Misty chooses a monetary amount, but also writes in that he is allowed to sleep with her once.  As soon as he does, the contract is over and she receives the money for the 3 months.  Much to Misty’s surprise – the client signs it without even reading it and Misty’s life as the Black Widow Trainer begins.

The book chronicles through several of her jobs, taking her all over the globe.  She usually comes home for a couple of months in between jobs and at that time is a loving wife to Rob.  Meanwhile, Rob has to put whatever other relationships he was in on hold.  You’ll find out if this puts too much of a strain on their marriage if you read the book 🙂  It is 67 chapters, though many are only a couple of pages.  The book is also broken up in to 3 parts so there are plenty of stopping points if you don’t want to read it all in one go (and at 314 pages, it may be difficult to read it all in one sitting).  With all the exotic places Misty travels to, it is a nice escape from the real world. (Though I will give you fair warning – it IS an erotic novel so it is quite descriptive of just what is going on at the end / to end Misty’s contracts!)

I am looking forward to reading the 2nd book in the series – Captured Prey – in the not so distant future!  Look for a review on that coming up – but for now I’ll leave you with a

summary of it…

After enjoying a brief but sultry respite in Argentina with her best friend Gabriella, Misty–the high-price personal trainer with a unique, controversial clause in her contract–embarks to the United States to meet her next trainee. What she finds under the hot Texas sun shocks and captivates her, and she ends up caught in a wrenching dilemma that causes her to choose between love and career.

As she sorts out her feelings for an intriguingly handsome cowboy and his conniving, cowardly employer, Misty’s sexual appetite and lust for adventure take her from honky-tonks to bustling Copacabana Beach festivals–and land her in the crosshairs of a scheming DC politician hell-bent on taking down an opponent in an upcoming election.

Captured Prey is populated with a new set of impossible-to-forget characters, plus some key favorites from the first book. As always, Misty’s blend of wiliness, sensuality, and wide-eyed innocence helps her charm everyone she meets. Surprises await at every turn in this seductive, action-packed follow-up.

I received free copies of Book 1 and 2 from Greenleaf Book Group in exchange for mentioning the books on my blog. I was not otherwise compensated nor was I asked to write a favorable review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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