Elliott Yamin Infinity Music Hall 9/17/11

Saturday night I made the trek to Norfolk, CT to Infinity Music Hall to check out Elliott Yamin and Mikey Wax. The last time I had seen Elliott was in 2007 and I had kind of lost track of his career a bit, but I knew that even if I didn’t know the songs, they’d be sung really, really well and I’d enjoy myself either way.

Opening up the night was Mikey Wax (http://www.mikeywax.com) from New York.  His new album comes out on Tuesday, but Saturday night was the first night that he had CDs available for purchase.  He did 5 or 6 songs, approximately a 30 minute set.  His last song was the most impressive, he stood at the front of the stage with no mic and had his guitar unplugged and just sang. (From looking at his site I think the last song he did was “Wait by the Door” I really need to start keeping track of opening act setlists too, I think!)

After Mikey’s set there was a short intermission before it was time for Elliott!  He came on stage about 8:45 and played until a little before 10.  He mentioned that he is working on a new album that will be coming out between November and 2012. But hopefully soon and then he would come back.  He also kept saying how much he loved the Infinity Music Hall venue.  It is really neat, although the lighting made it difficult for my picture taking.  But I guess that just gave me another reason to actually learn how to use my camera and not try to figure things out on the fly 😉

As I had previously mentioned, I kind of lost track of Elliott after his self titled release, but fortunately he did only 2 songs (by my count, anyway) from his 2nd CD and 5 from the self titled (yay! I know those!) with the rest of the set made up of songs coming off the new album.  (Which I believe he said was going to be called “Lets Get To Whats Real”)

The show was great and after the show I hung around to meet him. We chatted a bit about how every year on Idol during Hollywood week someone in my family always brings up how he missed practice w/ his group to sleep his season. He assured me he WASN’T sleeping and that the magic of TV made it seem that way because they wanted to make drama.  I told him it didn’t matter what he was doing because he sang better than everyone! He mentioned how Sway was in his group and usually he is part of his band (which I did remember after he said that in 2007 he was there) but they had to scale down a bit for this tour. He also mentioned another contestant as well, but I didn’t remember her.  Then he told me to have a safe trip home.  He’s a really nice guy 🙂

My merchandise purchase was a lanyard that had the tour dates on it (which he signed for me) but it is also a USB Flash Drive with some songs and photos on it! Which I thought was really, really neat.  There are some new songs on it and a live show from Osaka! I can’t wait to listen to it!  That cost $15, but if you wanted a shirt as well, it was only an additional $5, so I bought a shirt with some mics on it and Elliott’s name.  Definitely a great deal and I think a lot of people went for it.

I had no idea how I was going to keep up with a setlist for his set only knowing one album’s worth of songs (and even then, I don’t know that I remembered all the song titles) but fortunately I was able to get a setlist off the stage at the end of the show 🙂  Note that Moody’s Mood For Love he just kind of started singing when someone yelled it out for him during the encore and his band just kind of stood there while he just saaang.  So that song wasn’t on the official setlist, but of course I am including it.

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