Josh Gracin Wolf’s Den 9/25/11

Sunday night Josh Gracin played the Wolf’s Den at Mohegan Sun.  The Wolf’s Den is a 21+ venue and the shows are free, but seating is limited.  The first time I went to see Josh I wasn’t able to get in, the second time I was in the outer area of the Den and Sunday night I made it to the floor! (Only because I went alone and they had 1 spot to fill at a table down there!)

The show was supposed to start at 7, but it got started a little bit late.  Josh has released 2 albums as well as an EP, but his new release will be coming out November 1.  He did a mixture of all the songs, though the majority were newer songs that will be on the new album and he mixed in a decent amount of covers as well.

One of the covers he did was of John Mayer’s “Edge of Desire”, he mentioned that he had been really into John’s stuff lately and that he liked to remake a song on each of his albums and he asked John if he could put Edge of Desire on his next one, and John agreed!

For the encore, Josh’s band introduced each other while Josh was nowhere to be found.  Then they started Don’t Stop Believing and Josh came in through the back of the venue (where we all entered) and walked all around snapping photos, giving hugs, high fives, etc as he made his way through the crowd and back up to the stage.

Once his set was over, a decent amount of people were hanging around hoping he would sign.  He had thrown out drumsticks which I guess meant he had intended to come out and sign them all after?  The staff kept saying he would not be coming out and while in my experience I have seen the staff “lie” (or be greatly misinformed) in the past… but I decided to call it a night and try to get home relatively early instead, so I don’t know if he did end up coming out or not.  I do still want to get a photo with him… but hopefully he’ll come back after the album is released and do a proper signing somewhere so I’ll have another chance!
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