Stuff to Scrap: Tropical Paradise

Lately I’ve been trying to dabble a bit in digital scrapbooking. The header of the blog was made from a digital scrapbook kit (though not by me) and a couple of the headers I have used on the blog were done from the same kit.

But until recently, I never actually used a kit for its intended purpose – to create a scrapbook page (or two.. or more!) To be honest, I am kind of wondering why I did not start sooner because the photos I am about to show you of my layout took me roughly 25 minutes. If I were to do this “in real life” at my scrapbook table? It would probably take three times as long.

Stuff to Scrap hooked me up with one of their Mega Collabs – Tropical Paradise. For a while I wasn’t sure what I would scrap but then I decided to go with the last time I was in a Tropical Paradise and scrapbook my cruise from 2009 – The Rock Boat.

Now, I am sure everyone has their own techniques for digital scrapbooking, but I’ll run down how I made the decisions I did. First, I chose the letters for the page. I decided to go in all capital letters,but the kit does have capital and lowercase and several styles to choose from. Then I chose my paper. I opted to use the same paper twice, I just flipped it horizontally for the right side of the layout. The Mega Collab comes with 9 sets of papers, so you will have plenty to choose from for all of your layouts.

This part was probably backwards – but then I went through the 3 folders of embellishments and pulled out several that I wanted to use. Then I thought about how many photos I wanted to use and decided between 6 and 8, but I pulled more than that in to photoshop just in case certain ones didn’t look good with the color scheme, etc.

I laid out my photos how I wanted them and then added in the embellishments that I had chosen. There was still some empty space so I rearranged things a bit and then I went through the embellishments again to see if anything else would fit and grabbed a couple more items to add. I thought that the tag on the right side of the layout looked blah sitting there so I used my photoshop skills (how minor they may be!) and added a drop shadow to the tag and I thought that made it “POP”!

While I am not sure I want to exclusively switch over to digital scrapbooking, I have to say, the Mega Collab from Stuff to Scrap gave me a TON of options and moving stuff around was SUPER easy! No need to pull out all my scrapbook papers, clear a spot on the table, etc. And I will definitely consider doing digital scrapbooking again – especially when I go to an event or on a vacation where there is no ticket stub! (There is also the option of scanning in the stub and using it on the page for those of you who may not have much free time and are looking to exclusively digitally scrap!)

I received a free Mega Collab of my choice from Stuff to Scrap in exchange for a review on their product.  All opinions are 100% mine and I was not asked to write a favorable review.

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