Steven Page Mohegan Sun Wolf’s Den 9/1/11

Thursday evening Steven Page (formerly of Bare Naked Ladies) brought his solo act to the Mohegan Sun Wolf’s Den. I won reserved tickets from KC101. While Wolf Den shows are always free, it is first come first served and seating is limited. Reserved seats also come with 4 $10 drink vouchers!

Before the show, I did not realize he was no longer with BNL. I guess I would consider myself a BNL fan (by the definition of liking their stuff), but I don’t really keep up with them.

Steven did an entertaining set, with lots of banter in between songs which I always love. He said you can spot autograph sellers because they always have a blue sharpie and how a guy asked him to sign the new BNL album that he wasn’t even on. Throughout the show I started realizing his band all looked alike – turns out they were 3 brothers! (And one told an incredibly disgusting story about a trombone that is grossing me out again just thinking about it)

During the song chorus girl he talked about how the song had no chorus (yet it’s about chorus, girl!) But he put it on the album anyway. Later he realized the chorus was hidden in the song, like the peanut butter in a peanut butter cup.

He also choked on his saliva during a song and not only mentioned it during the song, but afterwards explained why it happened (he was excited to be playing the song)

As I’m away for the weekend pics will have to come later!

A New Shore
This Old Apartment
She’s Trying To Save Me
Clifton Spring
Over Joy
Call and Answer
Marry Me
What a Good Boy
These Wasted Words
So Young, So Wrong
If You Love Me
Its All Been Done
Chorus Girl

Brian Wilson

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