2005 I took a trip to California. Some of the stuff I did is included in here, but most of it is in a special vacation book.. which hopefully will be scanned and posted at some point!

Tyler Hilton played a mall

I won tickets to see Aaron Carter at Toad’s Place

And was almost killed by some drunken Yalies over his sweat towel (Which I had no interest in)

Won tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters and covered them for a class assignment

Went to a taping of “Still Standing”

Saw the outside set for Days Of Our Lives

Went to a taping of “That 70s Show”

Hanson played NJ again

KC101 had a Tyler Hilton concert

Got to see Tyler Hilton’s soundcheck

And his show at the Underground

Saw Randy Harrison in EQUUS

and met him after the show

went to see snoozebox

Saw Ingram Hill

And met them after the show

Saw and Met Josh Gracin

Took a trip to Asbury Park

and saw Ingram Hill

With snoozebox

and kept blinking in pics with Justin

Saw Ben Jelen

Won tickets to see/meet Ryan Cabrera from KC101

Camped out for Hanson

Saw Tyler Hilton.. to end the year

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