For a couple days now I’ve been trying to come up with some blog ideas, without having much luck (aside from some scrapbook posts).  Then the mail came.

There was an envelope addressed to me, and I was a bit confused because usually I know if I am expecting mail and I wasn’t.  When I opened it, there was a note inside:

This card found the way to my mail box in New Hope, PA. I am sending it to the address on the card in hopes that it will find the person it was intended for (perhaps the post office will do better this time).  As I plan to travel to China during the last part of June, I was captivated by the stamps; particularly the Chinese Sturgeon.  It looks very formidable in the picture, but is unfortunately an endangered species with small numbers left in the Yangtze River.

The post card was completely addressed properly to me, though there was a postmark stamped over the numbers to my address. (But if you look, you can see them, obviously since the envelope from PA was addressed properly too)  How the card ended up in PA instead of CT, I’ll never know – but I guess I got myself something to write about!

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