The whole point of using postcrossing is to get postcards from around the world.  But what you also get are some interesting stamps!  I have to say that my favorite country (so far) to get stamps from has to be Finland!  The first postcard I got had a stamp of a fairy and the wings actually had glitter on them! (I can’t remember if I posted that here or not)

More recently I got a stamp that was a carrot. Except it wasn’t just any carrot, it had a hat, sunglasses, a mouth and shoes on!  It appeared like the features were stickers that were added to the carrot, but I wasn’t sure.  Then a couple days ago I got another vegetable stamp. It was broccoli and it had glasses and a mouth! 

I decided to look up the stamps and see if I could find anything.  Sure enough I did – the vegetable stamps are part of a 2010 stamps series released in March and designed by Nina Rintala.  They are called “Funny Vegetables” and come as a set of 8 with a booklet of accessories!  The vegetables appear to be a tomato, onions, pumpkin, cucumber, eggplant, carrot, broccoli or a potato!  It looks like I have a few more to try and “collect”.

I wish that the USA had more variety of stamps for postcards! Right now to send a postcard to someone else in the US, the stamps have polar bears on them. (Cute, but I’d like more variety!) and to send a postcard overseas there is an image of Grand Teton National Park.  I’m going to have to see if there are combinations of postage that come out to be $.98 or $.28 that are a bit more interesting, just to mix things up a bit.  Some postcards I have gotten have been half covered in stamps, which is cool. (We do have more of a variety with our letter stamps, I guess because it is more popular to send a letter than a postcard)

I will try to continue to share interesting stamps I might find! And thanks to Lotta and Supa for sending me these cool vegetable stamps!

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