One More Time
Nobody Better
Drive My Car
Take Me Home
Deja Vu
If You Want It
Just The Two of Us
Halfway There

Nick and Knight is the combined effort from Backstreet Boys Nick Carter and New Kids on the Block’s Jordan Knight.  I was pretty excited for this album initially, but after listening to it pretty much non stop for a couple days, I can take it or leave it.  The songs aren’t anything spectacular, but they don’t suck either.  They are just kind of there.  I don’t find any of them stuck in my head for hours after stopping the CD – which is actually a very weird thing because almost always whatever I am listening to in the car is stuck in my head after I turn the car off, but that is not the case at all with this CD.  I can’t even say it’s a case of me not liking it because I’ve only listened to it once, because at this point I have probably listened to it 5-6 times.   I have to say that Switch is probably the closest to being stuck in my head of all the songs on the album.  I really do wish I loved this album more.

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