November 25, 2014

Love with Food: October


October’s Love with Food box theme was “Monster Mash”. The harvest moon is bright, the fall air is crisp, and jack-o-lanterns are lit – so we’ve selected monster worthy snacks that will have you doing the Mash… the Monster Mash in no time! That’s not all you should be dancing over, you just donated one meal to feed a hungry child in the USA… AAaaaUUUUuuu!



Organic Jelly Beans by Surf Sweets
Trick-or-Treat! These jelly beans are packed with Vitamin C and real fruit flavor!

Very good and were the first thing I ate!

Honey Almond Nut Butter by Justin’s
Any witch’s brew that includes the protein packed Justin’s Honey Almond Butter is bound to make even Dracula smile!

I had to google “how to eat almond butter”and it said to eat it like you would Peanut Butter – so by the spoonful I did.  A bit grittier than I was expecting but very good!

Cinnamon and Sugar Bananinha Banana Bar by Nutryvitta
Trick or Treat… Go bananas with this banana, cinnamon, and sugar bar. We think it tastes better than candy!

This was a little bit too sweet for me! I know that is nuts to say.

Organic Original Falafel Chips by Flamous
We hear that the blend of tumeric, onion, garlic, spinach, carrot, red pepper, tomato and green bell pepper in these falafel chips will ward off any vampires!

These were really good, kind of like tortilla chips with a bit of a kick!

Buttery shortbread squares by Clairesquares
These rich, buttery Irish shortbread squares are great solo – or pipe on an icing design of your favorite monster for a Halloween twist.

If you’ve been reading these reviews for a while you know I LOVE when shortbread is included! At this second. Delicious, as expected.

Chocolate Almond Nut Butter by Justin’s
With 3g of Fiber and 5g of Protein, this Chocolate Almond Butter is a graveyard smash!

I saved this for last when trying to almond butter because I figured I’d like the chocolate more – but I felt the ratio of almond to chocolate was off and actually preferred the honey almond nut butter.

Original Cheese Straws by J&M
If the full moon is made of cheese, we hope it is as tasty as the real cheese with a hint of cayenne found in these cheese straws!

Love all things cheddar.  These cheese straws had a kick (the cayenne no doubt) but were still a hit!

Snapea Crisps by Calabee
These snapea crisps are so tasty. Be careful you may want to do the mash… the monster mash!

I love me some snap peas and these crisps were really good!


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