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As you probably know from reading some of my other book reviews, I suffer from back problems on and off.  Most recently is the back problems I ended up with as a result from a car accident and I have been trying all sorts of things to find relief.  Some work for a little while, some don’t work at all but nothing has been a permanent solution.  So once again I turn to a book in hopes that it will give me some new information that will help me out!

MadBack teaches you how to stop the hurting and reclaim your life. This is definitely what I have been trying to do!  The book starts with a “how to use the book” section which is interesting.  It is then followed by 5 chapters and 5 easy ways to make the book work for you.  It has a sort of “key” to the chapters and which one you should jump to depending on your back pain.  I of course checked out the whole book for review purposes 🙂

Each chapter starts with a “you should read this chapter, if” so if you are just looking for help with your specific ailment you will know which chapter to look at!

There is one section with questions to ask your doctor to help diagnose your problem and your treatment.

There is also a section of exercises, which I will definitely be trying out since the next step in my recovery is physical therapy.

If you have any sort of back pain and are looking for relief, be sure to check out this book for some new advice and ways to change your habits to ease the pain. (She types as she is trying to sit up straight with good posture at her PC…)


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About the Book

Is your back mad or frustrated because of any discomfort, fatigue or pain it experiences?

Countless books and articles have been written on spinal health and back pain. And countless medical progresses have been made in spinal health and back pain treatment. Why, then, do back pain and spinal issues remain pervasive and is even on the rise in North America? Why is the back and spinal health of an average American declining?

This book aims to help break through this dilemma and help sufferers reduce, relieve and prevent back and spinal problems easily and effectively.

Unlike most books written from the perspective of a single healthcare discipline, such as conventional medicine, chiropractic, osteopath, physiotherapy, or massage therapy, this book has been written from a third-party and holistic perspective and is discipline neutral.

Back pain is a complex issue. No one healthcare discipline has all the answers. It deserves and demands a multidisciplinary view and approach.

This book is the result of an exhaustive comprehensive holistic research. It aims to break down the silo views and approaches. It helps you better understand the landscape of the back and spinal health care options. It is not written to please or promote any particular discipline of healthcare. It doesn’t recycle standard text information. Being politically correct or academically perfect isn’t amongst the intentions of this book. Feelings may be hurt. Disagreements may arise.

This book has one objective only – help you, the sufferer of back issues, stop the hurting and reclaim your life! It has been written to provide you with the information and insight that matters, to you.

In this book, you will discover …

–  why you may be continuing injuring your back unknowingly
–  why your current approach to your back problems may be hurting you more
–  critical back mechanisms you can learn to regain [enjoy] a pain free back
–  right care for your back condition
–  6 secret habits you can build for a healthy pain free back
–  35 back misconceptions you can overcome for your future wellbeing, and
–  many more secret insights that you must know to keep your back and spine strong.

Read this book only if you want to broaden your horizon, only if you want to know things that you can’t find in other books, only if you want to become a true partner of your own back and spine, and only if you want to actively take your own responsibilities and initiatives to control the destiny of your back and spine.

To a large extent, turning your back health around requires a paradigm shift. You must be ready for this shift. Your effort is required because it may need you to adapt to new understanding, new views, new approaches, new habits, and new life styles. Simply popping pills, presenting yourself in a clinic, or putting yourself on an operation table aren’t parts of the new paradigm.

This book tells you the truth that matters. This book is a tool that you can use. It provides you with effective secrets that you can zero in upon and apply it immediately for your particular concern or purpose.


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