We’ll Be Fine
The Start of Something

Great Mission: LIFE is the first of 3 EPs which will eventually make up the full LP “Great Mission” by Action Item.  I had heard I believe 3 of the 4 songs on this album live before hearing them on the CD and I think that I love the CD versions even more than the live versions. (In Action Item’s defense, they did also say that the versions we were hearing may not be the same that ended up on the CD)

Releasing many EPs over a year or two period instead of 1 full length LP every couple of years is something that has been discussed a lot amongst Hanson fans – and many were curious to know if this may be the direction the music industry is going to take.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about it – more music more often is good – but these 4 song EPs kind of leave you wanting more! (And are easier to “play out” over and over and over…) And I’m just kind of stuck in my ways of a new LP every couple of years mentality.

Overall though I do genuinely enjoy all 4 of these songs on the EP and am looking forward to hearing them live again and also hearing the other 2 parts that will be coming out too!  It will be interesting to see how all 3 parts will fit together – or not – since full albums typically have some sort of “theme” across them and EPs allow you a little more freedom with that!

I give this CD 4 of 5 stars.

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