sexbeachSex on the Beach is Book #2 in the Tropical Trysts series – the first being Mai Tai For Two.  I was not a big fan of Mai Tai For Two.  I found this book to be a bit better, but not much.  It’s the companion piece so while the first book was Julie and Alan – this book is going on at the same time between Jeremy and Amanda.  Amanda goes to Hawaii with her friend Julie – who had won the trip – and surprise, surprise, her ex who had moved away without asking her about it shows up as well.  He is there on a mission to win her back and Amanda is there to have some vacation hook ups.  I’m sure you can figure out where this leads to…

No, it’s not Sex on the Beach.  But maybe pretty darn close.  The romance is this book was a bit “hotter” than the first, but the story still seemed to fall a bit flat – not to mention since it was going on at the same time as the first book, it kind of ruined any potential “suspense” that may have been there with Amanda and Jeremy. (Although, it’s a red hot read you don’t really even have to read the companion book to know what is going to happen.)  If you choose to read one over the other, I would choose to read this one over Mai Tai For Two 🙂

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Hawaiian Vacation To-Do List:

Bikini up! You’re in Oahu, and it’s time for fruit drinks with umbrellas in them!Being obsessively organized doesn’t work during a Hawaiian vacation. Relax. Seriously.Scan the resort for hot dudes. Huh. That hot jogger who ran by looks a lot like your ex, Jeremy—only fitter, harder and sexier.Moonlit walks mean bumping into Hot Jogger Guy. Who is your ex.Don’t panic. Instead, think with your libido! Also debate the merits of ex sex.Ignore the consequences. Go for it.Revel in the afterglow. Go for rounds two and three.Ooh, kayaking!Round four.Oops!Definitely do not think about why you broke up in the first place. Or that you’re having wicked-hot nookie with the man you were here to forget

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