The Social Employee is a book about How Great Companies Make Social Media Work.

In 2013, using social media can be a great advantage. The book really has a lot of great ideas on how the Social Employee can help better the social brand by forming those relationships, engaging customers, etc.

It can be scary on diving right in to social media with your brand – but you have to change with the times and shouldn’t let the fear of the unknown stop you.  Social media, like technology, is constantly changing.  Just try to keep up with it and things should be ok!

While I’m not really a business and I certainly have no employees I do know about the power of social media which is why I try to get all my blog posts out on Twitter and Facebook.  Are there plenty other networks I am completely missing the mark on? Of course.  But I am only one person and for me it doesn’t make sense to hire someone to oversee this type of activity (especially since I don’t make money on my blog) but for larger corporations it would be incredibly valuable to hire someone to oversee this type of thing. It brings customer service and interaction to an entirely new level.

Certainly a very interesting read and something that I think any business trying to make it in this social era should be checking out to see how they can improve their social presence.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review,  I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

As social media continues to grow in complexity, no public space is more important than the digital frontier. The social employee – the front-line worker who has been entrusted to be a highly visible brand ambassador – can offer a window into a brand’s soul, driving a brand’s reputation to new heights through rich engagement and authentic representation.

THE SOCIAL EMPLOYEE highlights five major innovative companies – Cisco, IBM, AT&T, Southwest, and Dell – that are frontrunners in the space of social branding and engagement, each with a particular strength in social media that brings in clients, strengthens the connection between employee and company, problem-solves, and creates new business opportunities.  These five companies are case studies in creating social culture from the top down, starting at the highest corporate levels and cascading down, to drive employee engagement, brand awareness, and overall profitability.

Mark and Cheryl Burgess, experts in social media branding and marketing, reveal what makes each company unique and how savvy business leaders and marketers can apply it to their own employee culture and media strategy. The brands that focus more on understanding, engaging and remaining relevant to consumers are the ones destined to win the marketing wars.

Embracing change, rewarding loyalty and innovation, inspiring trust and quality, empowering the employee – these are all beneficial byproducts of having Social Employees.

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