Loula is sick of her MEAN, HORRIBLE, STINKY Brothers.  She has 3 of them. They are triplets. She wants to get away so she decides that she will be going to Africa.  She tells her parents they are leaving and they are fine with it and then she climbs a tree in the backyard and decides she is in Africa.  Fortunately the family’s driver has quite the imagination, as does Loula, and they go all the way to Africa. They ride camels, see giraffes and have a great time on their trip!

An adorable story that makes you remember just how special your imagination is and how it can take you anywhere!  Geared for kids and easy to read for beginning readers.

I received a free e-copy in order to write this review,  I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Tired of her “terrible” triplet brothers, Loula decides to run away – to Africa. She takes the essentials: her toy cat, her tea set and her very best drawing. Loula ventures far and wide with the help of her imagination – and her mother’s driver, Gilbert. She crosses a sandbox desert and paddle-boats across piranha-filled waters to the little island of Africa…

Delightful, warm and witty, this story is just the ticket for anyone who has ever needed a change of scene – and the charming, irrepressible Loula is the perfect companion.

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