Saturday night Carrie Underwood brought the second night of her blown away tour to Bridgeport CT. Early in the afternoon the arena tweeted that there may be a small delay with doors opening. A couple hours later they said there would be no delay, but 6:30 came and went and there were no doors. Our bags were pre screened and around 7 they started ripping tickets. I am not sure if the ticket scanners were down or what the delay was. The interesting thing was doors were delayed 30 minutes but the show only was delayed 10 so many people were not inside when Hunter Hayes took the stage.

Hunter had so much energy and stage presence I was really impressed with him and when the DJ asked who was there to see him, I think he got more screams than Carrie! He did several songs including Wanted, Storm Warning and Everybody Has Somebody But Me. He also covered just the way you are and.mixed in some drive by. He had a Twitter contest to meet him but unfortunately I didn’t win!

Then it was time for Carrie! The theme of the night was blown away so of course tornadoes. She came out on stage through a house, the set up for the stage was very high tech and had a ton of moving parts. There was a part of the stage in the back in the shape of a triangle that rose up at times. This was the house she came out and it also went up part way as an incline. There was a huge screen behind the stage and then 2 squares and a triangle that were sometimes near the top of the stage but other times came down to center stage. Sometimes I found myself watching all that work and move into place than watching Carrie!

Her bands platforms moved back and forth during songs and at one point the front of the stage came up and Carrie and several of her band members floated to the back of the arena while she did 4 or 5 songs. It was really cool because it gave everyone a good look at her and she even commented that she thought it allowed her to make eye contact with everyone in the entire arena.

She did a song with Hunter and also her song w/ Brad Paisley – he was on the screens so we were able to see him sing her parts and at time she went up on the incline to stand next to him on the screen as well!

The night ended with an encore of I know you won’t , where she had some trouble with her in ear monitors for a bit and was monkeying with the through the whole song. The final song was blown away and the stage opened and all sorts of confetti and smoke was going on. Very cool.

Carrie puts on a great show and if she is coming to your area you should definitely go.

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