Music Monday: Rachel Crow

Mean Girls
Rock With You
My Kind of Wonderful
What a Song Can Do

Rachel Crow is the spitfire from last season of the XFactor whose departure from the show was incredibly emotional (for her, me and Nicole S…)  She was signed to Columbia Records and recently released a 5 song EP.

The EP starts with a song that had me near tears called Mean Girls – also Rachel’s debut single.  It is all about being picked on and being “called every name but Rachel” I can relate.  It is definitely a great anthem for young girls who are being bullied and not letting it bother them anymore.

The other 4 tracks are all a lot of fun and I really wish great things for Rachel.  I completely fell in love with her when she was on the XFactor and completely stopped watching when she was kicked off because I was just so upset over it. (Even when they showed clips of her being voted off when I went to the XFactor taping I nearly teared up again!)

If you order the special edition CD from Rachel’s website ( you also get a sticker sheet! The stickers are so fun that I wish that I had seen Rachel live to use them on a scrapbook page! (Hopefully some day!) It includes the “Rachel Crow” with the heart from the album cover, headphones, lightning, star, a heart and a microphone.  Totally cute and fun.


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