Sunday night Big Time Rush brought their Big Time Tour to the Comcast Theater in Hartford, CT.

The show kicked off at 7 with Leon Thomas from Victorious. He had a lot of energy (maybe even too much!) and was running all around the stage.  He did 2 of three songs and left the stage, but then his DJ said that the crowd looked like they wanted more so he came out for an “encore”.

Then it was time for Cody Simpson. The girls behind me.. really, really, really loved him and want to marry him. They screamed this at the top of their lungs through his entire set it seemed. (If they have any voices left I will be shocked because they were blood curdling screams. I had ear plugs in but wished I had 2 earplugs in it was so bad. I also overheard the mother next to me tell her daughter to lean forward because the girls behind her were going to hurt her ears. I am pretty sure a lot more than that was going to hurt her ears. I wish I had some foam earplugs to give to the kids around me.)

Cody did a 9 song set which included a couple of costume changes and also included him singing Call Me Maybe. (Which brings it to 6 Call Me Maybes in my last 8 shows.) He had 2 dancers with him as well and really seemed to command the crowd and the stage.

Then it was time to get set up for Big Time Rush. They put the countdown clock up starting with 20 minutes. When it got to around 5 the clock turned off entirely and then the lights went out and everyone stood only to see the countdown clock to turn on again and be at 5 minutes still!

The stage was very similar to their show in the spring at Foxwoods, with the trampoline in the middle. Not that I’m complaining though because the back flips they did on the trampoline were awesome!

The setlist was different though and they did a few of the Beatles songs from their EP / movie. They also threw in some acapella of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” during their song “Boyfriend” which of course made everyone go nuts.

During Halfway There they walked off the stage and to the back of the 100, 200, 300 sections and sang back there. Of course all the kids jumped on their chairs so I couldn’t see much, but I think Carlos was behind us for a little bit. I like when bands do stuff like this to try and get closer to the seats further back.

Overall the show was a ton of fun despite the screams behind me and the signs in front of me. Comcast Theater is really bad for holding up signs – they easily block the stage for every row behind you so I am not sure why they even let them in. The best part was when the guys said “let me see those signs” the girls holding them were VERY slow to hold them up – yet they had no problem blocking our view with them the whole rest of the show. Ahh teenies. How I’ve missed thee. (NOT!)

Setlist for Cody and BTR under the cut!


Cody Simpson

Wish U Were Here
All Day
Call Me Maybe
Got Me Good
So Listen
On My Mind
Feel So Close

Big Time Rush

Time Of Our Life
City Is Ours
No Idea
Love Me Love me
If I Ruled The World
Halfway There
Cover Girl
Worldwide Girl
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Show Me
Music Sounds Better With You
Windows Down
Til I Forget About You

Big Time Rush

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