Thursday night Casey James performed at the Wolf’s Den in Mohegan Sun.  This was also my 300th concert!  The show started at 8 and he played for roughly an hour and a half.  The setlist was a mix of songs off his debut album as well as a few covers.  He mentioned how on one of his songs, the guy who played steel guitar on it also played on James Taylor’s record and he did the same chord progression in his song as he did in James’ so sometimes Casey would sit in his car and listen to them back to back. (Of course I can’t remember now which song that was – so if you know comment!)

Casey shows are always a ton of fun – at one point he asked if the drinks had valium in them because the crowd wasn’t too rowdy.  Another time he shh’ed everyone and then was surprised at how quiet it got!  A girl in the front asked for a pick early on and he said he needed to use them and asked if he ran out if she would give it back for him to use.  She said yes so he gave her one.  He didn’t end up running out of picks and tossed 3 or 4 of them out in to the crowd after his last song.

He also told a story – and I hope I can do it justice because I just wrote down some basic notes about it – if it’s not totally correct I’m sorry.  But the Wolf’s Den has a screen behind the performers and I guess Casey didn’t notice it until a few songs in and wasn’t sure what was going on.  He told us about this and then said the other day he was somewhere and there was a mirror but it was angled and he didn’t realize it was a mirror.  He looked over and was like… hey that guy looks a lot like me.. and he’s staring at me!  And then he realized it was a mirror.  He teased about how he’s not so good lookin’ now, right?

After his set he did a signing in the shops.  I unfortunately couldn’t attend, but I hope he had a good turn out and sold a lot of CDs! (You had to buy his debut album to get a wristband for the signing)  I’m looking forward to Mohegan hopefully posting some photos :)

Since this was my 300th concert look for some fun ConcertKatie giveaways coming up in the next week to get every one in on the celebration.

Setlist under the cut :)

The Good Life
She’s Money
Let’s Don’t Call It A Night
Love The Way You Miss Me
The Apartment Song
So High
So Sweet
Crying on a Suitcase
Workin On It
Blue Sky
Polk Salad Annie

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