Time for more blind auditions! Going in to the night, Team Adam had 7/12, Blake 6/12, Cee Lo 6/12 and Christina 6/12.  Still a ways to go before we are out of the blind auditions, I guess!

Ducky – While I don’t think he was phenomenal, I was surprised a couple of chairs didn’t turn around for him!

Jonathas – I thought that no one was going to turn around again for him!  Glad that he got 2 turns and is now on Team Christina!

Monique – I thought she was good and I’m kind of surprised it took Blake telling Christina to turn to get her to turn! I don’t know what is with the picky-ness but remember last year when they had to bring people back to audition again? I hope that doesn’t happen again this season.

Naia – I really like her voice. It kind of reminds me of Xenia’s from last season. (And I will say that I had this sentence written out BEFORE Christina said the same thing!) And in a bit of a shocking move, she chooses Blake!

Erick – Another one I thought was decent hat no on turned for. And Blake was SO CLOSE to hitting it. What the heck?

Charlotte – her last name is Sometimes? That’s pretty cool. She sounds like she has an accent when she sings, which is not something Ive heard before. And all 4 turns around… not sure that I would have though. We’ll have to see how she does in later rounds with Team Blake!

So at the halfway point, 2 more for Christina and 2 more for Blake puts us at Adam 7/12, Blake 8/12, Cee Lo 6/12, and Christina 8/12.

Tony Vincent – one of my friends LOVES him, so I of course want him to do well. Glad he is on team Cee Lo!

Anthony – I thought he was good – but again they all try to get each other to turn around… if you like it, turn around yourself, don’t try to get someone else to! But I am glad Christina squeaked in there at the last second.

Jamie – He has a nice voice – definitely not one I was expecting to come out of his body! He joins Team Cee Lo.

Dylan – I think with some work and age, he’ll get a lot better.

Justin – I looove this song… I like his voice and it looks like he will be team Cee Lo!

Nicolle – I wasn’t that in to her, and I could tell that she kind of lost it once Adam turned around – but hopefully later on when she learns to get over her nerves she’ll be better.

Then we get a medley of Christina, Blake, Adam, Blake, adding to their teams without seeing the whole audition.

Eric – awesome! Except… I was the only one that thought so?

Mathai – Wow Adam turned before I even had an opinion on the girl.  And she picked him too over the others!

And the episode ends with the teams – Adam 10/12, Blake 10/12, Cee Lo 9/12, Christina 10/12.


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