It is time to reveal the top 24! I feel like there are very few contestants I have any sort of connection to.  Usually by now I have a few favorites…

I was going to start by making a list of potential favorites  – starting with Lauren Gray – and then they said she didn’t make the cut.  Oh, judges… you are really making me wonder if I should even bother watching this season!

Actually, there are quite a few from their clips I am thinking are good that aren’t making it through – so this group better be better than those and not just filling a quota!

And one… whom I CAN. NOT. STAND. going through. Heejun.  Argh.

Thursday night was more of the same.  In fact, when David Leathers didn’t make it through at the end, I tweeted that I wondered if I’d even watch this season now.  The only one I care about is Phillip Phillips, and even him I’m not all that sold on.

THEN… came the twist.

One of 4 guys is going to be coming back on Tuesday making it a top 13 boys.  Who is one of the choices?! JOHNNY.  I seriously squealed when his picture popped up on the screen.  My mom loves Jermaine Jones but she conceded that she thinks it’ll be “my guy” coming back.

Let’s hope so.  At least then I’ll have a reason to watch! (Who am I kidding, I’m going to watch either way, but I’ll be a lot more happy about it if Johnny is back)



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