February 17, 2012

The Voice: Blind Auditions 3

If this post seems like a rushed mess, it’s because it is.  The show aired while I was at the Concert for Kids, so as soon as I got home I turned it on and started taking notes – except at the same time I was editing photos and working on a million and one other things.  I really dropped the ball scheduling posts and in fact, today was supposed to be an Idol post but I knew there was no way I could write it and get it ready to post on a Friday, after being in New Jersey Thursday until who knows when seeing Hanson!  Apparently when scheduling posts I like to think I am superwoman, but then when it comes down to it I realize I need some sleep to function!

So, here are my thoughts on the 3rd round of blind auditions – sorry if I got any names wrong, again I was not giving it 100% of my attention!

“blind audition” (sarah) – to be honest i intended to not look for most of this episode as i’m working on some upcoming blog posts.  I can’t say I’d have turned around for this person. Not to say that he/she has a bad voice, but I wasn’t totally wowed by it. Although I am glad 2 did turn around so she will have a chance.

Elley – She has an interesting tone to her voice, but I like it. I dont know how far she’d go in the competition, but I guess we’ll never know since no one turned around!

Pip – This guy looks so familiar to me from the commercials. I can’t figure out why though!  I like him though – whether I know who he is or not!

Erin (is that her name? i wasnt paying 100% attention in the beginning) – Carson jumping for joy when Blake hit his button cracked me up far more than it probably should have. (probably because it was so late when I actually watched)

David – Good… but not great.

Christina – I thought she was good and I liked her song choice!

Geoff- I thought he was awesome and I was kind of surprised only 2/4 turned around for him!

Erin Martin – She has an interesting voice, that’s for sure. But my goodness did she prove to us just how creepy and gross Cee Lo is…

James – How adorable is he!? And he can sing! I’m glad that he won’t be going to team Adam so I don’t have to worry about Tony beating him! (Until the end, of course!)

Winter – I liked her until she name dropped Perez Hilton.  And apparently the coaches agreed with me, even though they didn’t hear her pre-interview 😉 since none of them turned around.

Chris – I like him, but I feel like they are being super picky about everything tonight!

Jordis – She really didn’t wow me, but Adam singing along with the song was really cute!


I was hoping NBC would have an updated list of how many people were on each team – so I could figure out how many more weeks of auditions we have – but it looks like they haven’t updated with this episode yet and of course I didn’t keep track of who went where this week! Oh well, it’ll get updated eventually.

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